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New! Red silk to make yoga hammocks!

We just finish the productions of many many metres of the best quality aerial silk to make yoga swings :)

2.5 metres in wide, non stretch in length but it does stretch in wide, super resistant and durable and with a lot of personality

Feels good :)

you can get it here


red silk to make yoga hammocks

red silk to make yoga hammocks

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Aerial yoga swings sold out in August 2015!

We are happy and sorry to say that during these holidays we have sold almost all of our models of yoga swings, ropes and carabiners.

For the new orders the delivery it will be in September, please write or call us if you are interested in our products or have any inquire.

Even so, we still have aerial silks for acrobatics and accessories :)

Contact: 0034 640540559 mail noemarcial(at)



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Nuevo entrenamiento para lo Bomberos voluntarios de valencia

Los bomberos voluntarios de Valencia han encontrado una nueva forma de entrenar. Además de las cuerdas ahora cuentan con  nuestras telas acrobáticas para ganar fuerza, resistencia, coordinación y agilidad. Mientras – ¿por qué no? – la pasan bien.

una alegria ver esta foto muchas gracias por compartir!

si quieres ver y comprar nuestras telas no olvides que hacemos un 18 por ciento de descuento si estas en españa , escribenos para obtenerlo

aerial silk fire workers

telas acrobáticas en el cuartel de bomberos de valencia

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Aerial Yoga hammock video tutorials for free

A very nice series of tutorials to learn the first steps on your Aerial Living yoga hammock

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The best hotels have now aerial yoga hammocks from us :)


Othe happy client of us,

the five stars Hotel Pacha Ibiza is now offering aerial yoga classes for they guest,

we are very happy to offer the highest quality yoga hammocks, with the safest hardware that you can find on the market, the best fabrics, and a very simple but elegant design.

The yoga hammocks represent an excellent low inversion to give to your clients a different offer,  you can give aerial yoga as aerial pilates or arerial fitness.

The swings are very easy to install, you can put it in multi functional spaces and take it of when you need.

You can buy the aerial yoga hammock of a 5 star hotel for just 89 euros here 


aerial swing  hotels

yoga hammock in Pacha Ibiza

pacha ibiza

the best hammock in the best hotels :)

well actually we don’t like to sell things but in this case we are so proud of our product…


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Our Aerial yoga swings in the best places around the world

The aerial yoga has becaming very popular in gyms and yoga studios around Europe.

Here another example of success

In this case, Axion Place,  Greece.

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Aerial Yoga swings made in Europe vs Made in China – safety comparison

How safe are the yoga swings made in Asia?
You can find low-priced yoga swings made in Bali and China, but let’s analyze ust one component.

Here is the model of Bali, which is an open hook that is *NOT certified* for human support.
What does that mean?
That the hook can withstand 200 kg static load but a moving person can weigh much more than that, and therefore, it can break in the middle of an activity. Problem is that not only the Bali’s model is the one with this flaw; the Chinese version comes with another carabiner that – again – is not suitable for supporting human weight.

You can see the differences in the image: the diameter of our steel carabiner are twice as wide as the Asian versions.
Our carabiners withstand over 2,134 kg of static weight, and last but not least, our ropes withstand 890 kg (and we use 4 for each person !!!)

Be safe!

carabiner comparison made in europe vs china

carabiner safe comparison

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