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Our Aerial yoga swings in the best places around the world

The aerial yoga has becaming very popular in gyms and yoga studios around Europe.

Here another example of success

In this case, Axion Place,  Greece.

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Aerial Yoga swings made in Europe vs Made in China – safety comparison

How safe are the yoga swings made in Asia?
You can find low-priced yoga swings made in Bali and China, but let’s analyze ust one component.

Here is the model of Bali, which is an open hook that is *NOT certified* for human support.
What does that mean?
That the hook can withstand 200 kg static load but a moving person can weigh much more than that, and therefore, it can break in the middle of an activity. Problem is that not only the Bali’s model is the one with this flaw; the Chinese version comes with another carabiner that – again – is not suitable for supporting human weight.

You can see the differences in the image: the diameter of our steel carabiner are twice as wide as the Asian versions.
Our carabiners withstand over 2,134 kg of static weight, and last but not least, our ropes withstand 890 kg (and we use 4 for each person !!!)

Be safe!

carabiner comparison made in europe vs china

carabiner safe comparison

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Make a yoga hammock from your yoga swing !

You can use your single yoga swing like Hammock between two trees.

Just use your height regulator to clap around the trees or palms and its done.

Our yoga swing its made from non elastic in length so it will be really comfortable , excellent to take with you when you are  going to nature :)



Find our simple yoga swing with height Regulator from 89 euros here

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