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Aerial Yoga Swing Antigravity style 3.5 – Made in Europe

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Product Description

This yoga swing is made with 3.5 metres of special aerial silk for yoga hammock (design by us)

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White, Blue, Black, Red, Turquoise, Electric purple

What things are included in the version with height adjustment?

Includes: the Swing made with 3.5 metres of ower especial silk for aerial yoga, 4 climbing carabiners (according to European standards), 2 system to regulate the height built with climbing ropes 1 metre each , 2 ceiling hooks to install the Swing. (screws not included)

What things are included in the version without height regulator?

Includes The Swing made with 3.5 metres of our especial silk for aerial yoga, 2 climbing carabiners (according to European standards ).

Width of the Swing

2.5 metres in width. (wider than most of the fabrics in the market)

Silk Elasticity

Our silk is produced by us especially for yoga swings. Does not stretch lengthways but it does stretch sideways, this characteristic makes it very comfortable and stable for practicing yoga poses. If you sit on the swing this will not move toward the ground. And if you make shavasana, you’ll be pretty straight and very comfortable (thanks to the elasticity sideways)

International Shipping

We charge per order 24.5 euros. That means if you buy 2, 3 or 5 swings or silk we only charge to you the costs of the first one and the rest will be FREE SHIPPING, no matter where you are or how many products you have ordered. in this way you will find WHOLESALE prices just buying a few units. shipment takes 5 to 10 business days to worldwide.

Payment option

We accept all credit cards, you do not need a paypal account, enter your card details on the paypal platform (which is very safe) If you have no credit card or paypal you can write to us for other options.

what things are included in the version with heigh regulator and 2 ceiling hooks?

Includes the swing made with 3.5 metres of our special silk for yoga hammocks, connected to the height regulator by a knot and 2 carabiners on top. with this model you can regulate the high of the swing from the ceiling. it is adequate for personal practice but if you give classes we recommend the version with 4 carabiners that allow you to change the height from the floor. however, this version can be use as well in trees or outdoor easily with the two carabiners. But remember to always put a towel between the height regulator and the branch.

2 reviews for Aerial Yoga Swing Antigravity style 3.5 – Made in Europe

  1. 5 out of 5


    Me ha gustado mucho este columpio.
    La tela es muy agradable y las dimensiones son perfectas, me puedo recostar en ella! Muchas gracias por la atencion

  2. 5 out of 5


    The fabric you use for the hammocks is wonderful because I do not like the ones made of parachute fabric. I want to cocoon and have handles when I need them. Your product is the only one I can find with all of these features. happy!

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