Kit Aerial silks and accessories for hanging , Kit di Tessuti aerei e accessori per appenderli, Kit de Tela acrobática
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Kit Aerial silks and accessories for hanging them

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Product Description

Kit Aerial silks and accessories for hanging them with figure “8”, climbing carabiner, hand resin and Bag.

Due to its characteristics this acrobatic fabric is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. The fabric is not very elastic, at maximum 10%, this allows it to be easier to climb it. The texture of the fabric is not slippery so it is easier to climb. Its width is 160 cm. Our acrobatic fabric has a medium shine and we have almost all colours. You can choose the length you want.

If you need a length that does not appear in the options do not hesitate to contact us.

Features aerial silks:

Elasticity: A maximum of 10%

Plot: non-slip

Material: 100% polyester

Width: 160cm

Length: what you need. For use in the trees we recommend a standard size of at least 14 meters,.

Shine: medium

What includes the Kit Aerial silks and accessories for hanging:

  • aerial fabrics
  • 1 simple climbing eight
  • 1 Climbing carabiner
  • non-slip hand resin


  • our fabrics, manufactured in Spain are tested and withstand more than 950 kg of static load.
  • the eight and climbing carabiner are homologated.


To contact us write to and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Payment by credit card:

We accept all credit cards.

Others forms of payment:

We also accept payments via PayPal and bank transfer. If you wish to pay by bank transfer must make a order in our website and we will send you the bank details by email.


4 – 5 working days.


If you want to hang the aerial silks kit you should buy a hook for the ceiling at the hardware store as it is different depending on the type of ceiling. We recommend to ask a specialist to do the installation, for your own security.

If you want to hang the tissues to a beam or a branch of a tree we recommend to put a towel between the beam or branch and tissues to prevent the friction and protect the tissues.


Your aerial silks can be washed in a washing machine. You should use cold water and a liquid detergent and to remove odor, use baking soda. Do not use any other stain removers and never use fabric softener! Use the gentle wash cycle. An extra rinse cycle is advised to remove the residue soap.Don’t dry it in the dryer!  Please do not wash other items along with your fabric.

Please check your fabric frequently and although it can have small holes, please try to prevent these by taking care to not have long finger nails or toe nails and of course, no jewelry of any type.

Make sure your fabric is not exposed to sunlight for long periods of time to avoid losing its color and its properties.

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