Outlet – Fabric to make Aerial Yoga hammocks

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Outlet pieces are technically resistant for a safe use of the material.

In our outlet you can buy at a very good price short pieces or pieces that have stains on it, or they have been used 2-3 times and then washed.

Contact us for any doubt before purchasing.



These  pieces of fabric are perfect to make your own aerial yoga hammock. They have a special price because they have some small spot or it is a short piece of fabric, but they are in perfect condition.


This fabric was designed by us to make yoga hammocks so is perfect for that, but also the technical qualities makes it great and secure.

In lengthwise is almost a non-stretch fabric  (it stretches but very little),  but it does stretch sideways, this characteristic makes it very comfortable and stable for practicing yoga poses. If you sit on the swing this will not stretch toward the ground. And if you make Savasana (or just taking a nap on it), you’ll be pretty straight horizontally and it will be very comfortable (thanks to the elasticity sideways). Our polyamide silk is produced by us in Spain, especially for yoga hammocks.

The fabric is very resistant, 1200kg, very elegant and soft to the touch.

Width: 2.50m.

Here you can buy the fabric only, but you may need climbing carabiners, and daisy chains  to make a hammock.


Estas piezas de tela están perfectas para hacer tu propio columpio de Yoga Aéreo. Tienen un precio especial porque tienen alguna manchita pequeña o es una pieza corta de tela, pero están en perfecto estado.



La tela es muy resistente hasta 1200kg, suave al tacto, larga duración y tiene un ancho de 2.50 m.

Desarrollada especialmente para realizar columpios de yoga aéreo estilo antigravity. La tela es elástica a lo ancho pero no a lo largo, dando la mayor estabilidad y confort. Permite hacer posturas de antigravity y Unnata Yoga.

Para hacer una hamaca de Yoga aéreo necesitas comprar los accesorios.


Questi tessuti sono perfetti per fabbricarti una tua propria amaca di yoga aereo. Hanno un prezzo speciale perché hanno una piccola macchia o è un pezzo di stoffa corto, ma sono in perfette condizioni.

NON ACCETTIAMO la restituzione di questo prodotto.


fabbricati appositamente per le amache di yoga aereo, i tessuti sono elastici in larghezza, ma non in lunghezza per dare maggiore stabilità e comfort. È un materiale molto resistente e morbido al tatto, molto elegante alla vista.

I tessuti sono molto resistenti, di circa 1.200 kg.

La larghezza dei tessuti è di 2,50 m.

Per fare un’amaca di yoga aereo potresti avere bisogno anche degli accessori.


Il costo dell’invio all’Italia è di 15,50 €.


Ces morceaux de tissu sont parfaits pour fabriquer votre propre hamac de yoga aérien. Ils ont un prix spécial car ils ont une petite tache ou parce qu’il s’agit d’un morceau de tissu court, mais ils sont en parfait état.


Ce tissu a été conçu par nos soins pour la fabrication de hamacs de yoga, il est donc parfait pour cette utilisation, mais ses qualités techniques le rendent également excellent et sûr.

Dans le sens de la longueur, il s’agit d’un tissu quasiment non extensible (il s’étire mais très peu), en revanche, il s’étire latéralement. Cette caractéristique le rend très confortable et stable pour la pratique des postures de yoga. Si vous vous asseyez sur la balançoire, elle ne s’étirera pas vers le sol. Et si vous faites la posture Savasana (ou si vous faites simplement une sieste dessus), vous serez plutôt droit horizontalement et ce sera très confortable (grâce à l’élasticité latérale). Notre soie polyamide est produite par nos soins en Espagne, spécialement pour les hamacs de yoga.

Le tissu est très résistant (1200 kg), très élégant et doux au toucher.

Largeur : 2,50 m.

Ici, vous pouvez acheter uniquement le tissu, mais vous aurez peut-être besoin de mousquetons d’escalade et de sangles araignées pour fabriquer un hamac.

Made in Spain 

Additional information

Width of the silk

2.50 metres

Silk Elasticity

almost no stretch


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It is VERY IMPORTANT to open the package with caution since it is possible to damage the fabric when opening it with a cutter or scissors, such cuts will not be considered factory defects and the money for the material or shipping will not be refunded.


If the box is damaged by the shipping company DON’T ACCEPT IT and communicate with us and the shipping company. We don’t guarantee the return or substitution if the material is damaged by the courier and you accept the package. If the product is damaged by the client while opening the box or bag we can not substitute it or refund the money.

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The tones of the fabrics are the most accurate possible, however each tone can be seen slightly different depending on the device in which it is viewed and the level of brightness it has.

We recommend watching the videos where you can see the colors in more detail and if you have doubts about the tone you can consult us or watch them on a different device. We do not cover shipping costs in case of changes or returns due to tonal differences, although we are responsible for shipments if we have sent a different color than the order you made.

We tested the fabric for traction and plastic performance, but once is used it can not be returned.

An incorrect ringing can damage the fabric but also some drops and moves can bur the fabric creating holes, be aware of those movements, Aerial Living will not change material or refund material that was damage by using it.  Even if the material is high quality, a burn will always damage the fabric.

Aerial Living is not responsible for human (of the buyer or another person) or material damage,  even if the accident occurs using correctly the material.



Before any use of the material, you must check the condition of the material and that the knots are correct and secure.

Always check that fabric knots, ropes, slings and height adjusters are in good condition. Especially if you have washed the fabric or used it for a long time, the knots can move becoming unsafe.

Frequently check the areas where the fabric is under more pressure (by the eight, carabiners, or knots), check for holes or weakened or deformed areas. If there is something like that, DO NOT use it.

Avoid climbing on the fabric with rings, pendants, jewellery of any kind, long nails or clothing that could damage the fabric.

When you hang it anywhere, be aware that the fabric can be damaged if it is close to strong light sources. In theatres there is the additional possibility of frayed cables, snagging or some other equipment. Check that there is no type of friction in the material with firm structures.

Make sure the fabric is not exposed to the sun for long periods of time so that it does not lose its color and properties.

Install it in structures that are firm and resist 10 times the weight of the practitioner.


Wash fabrics or swings by hand or in a washing machine with cold water. Do not tumble dry. Use a liquid detergent, and to eliminate the smell, just baking soda. Remove carabiners and other accessories before washing fabrics and swings.

Do not use other stain removers or fabric softeners! they can alter the physical properties of the material.

Use the gentle wash cycle. An additional rinse cycle is recommended to remove soap residue. Do not wash other items together with your fabrics or swings and do not wash fabrics of different colours at the same time.
Is customer’s responsibility to check the condition of the material before each use.


If you need an invoice, put the billing information in the form with the tax identification number (for example NIF, CIF, VAT)

If you have not placed it in the order, you must request your invoice by mail within a period of 30 calendar days from when the purchase was made, because the invoices are correlative. If you order it after the order, the invoice date may be later than the date the order was placed.


Aerial Living is not responsible for accidents that may occur using the fabric or swing, whatever the cause. Therefore it is very important to verify the material and practice following instructions from trained professionals in safe facilities.

If you accept these terms and conditions, you fully assume responsibility for any accident that may occur even to third parties.

Keep in mind that the durability of the material varies depending on the intensity of use, sun exposure, exposure to chemical agents and friction.

By accepting this conditions and buying the product you agree with all the conditions written above, including this one.