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Arm variants in the upside down position

Little things counts. Once you are upside down the position of your hands are going to accentuate the stretching in different parts of your body, subtle but real. Holding elbows: feels great in the upper chest and shoulder blades, and great for improving the necessary mobility for handstand. Interlocking your finger behind: is great for shoulders. Interlocking the hands holding your head: is one of the best soft cervical traction that you can make, no need to push with your hands, just relax. Hands facing to the ceiling: is great for the dorsal and lumbar and for beginners is great to prevent the holding-the-floor reflex. you can perform all of this postures with all our yoga hammocks :)

Red is the New Blue aerial silk to make yoga swings

We want to present our New colour! Red is the new Blue :) The fabric it was design by Aerial Living and made in Spain. the silk have 2.50 metres in wide and it is super resistant. The material it is super stable in length but it does stretches in wide. Just the best combination to do inversions and to work inside the hammock doing unnata or antigravity yoga or pilates. The pictures are from one of our antiGravity yoga swing made with the best materials of europe. the length of the fabric it is 5.5 metres and it comes ready to use you have the option with height regulators that cames with all the carabiners and hooks that you need to install it and use it in a roof of a maximum of 4 metres if you want to work at hip levels and 3 metres in high if would you like to work at floor level as well. you can now more about this model of yoga swing here and order if you want [huge_it_gallery id="3"]

The best hotels have now aerial yoga hammocks from us :)

  Othe happy client of us, the five stars Hotel Pacha Ibiza is now offering aerial yoga classes for they guest, we are very happy to offer the highest quality yoga hammocks, with the safest hardware that you can find on the market, the best fabrics, and a very simple but elegant design. The yoga hammocks represent an excellent low inversion to give to your clients a different offer,  you can give aerial yoga as aerial pilates or arerial fitness. The swings are very easy to install, you can put it in multi functional spaces and take it of when you need. You can buy the aerial yoga hammock of a 5 star hotel for just 89 euros here   
aerial swing  hotels
yoga hammock in Pacha Ibiza
pacha ibiza
the best hammock in the best hotels :)
well actually we don't like to sell things but in this case we are so proud of our product...