Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our fabrics are independently tensile tested; the aerial silks resists more than 950 kg of static load and the swing fabric resists 1,100 kg of static load, both materials having good elastic behavior to absorb impacts and to be safe.
In Europe there are no approvals available for textile material, such as those for climbing equipment or for working at heights. Other manufacturers use the terms "certified fabrics" or "approved fabrics" which are, however, incorrect. In the best case scenario, in Europe fabrics can be tested by an independent studio.
  • Desde Barcelona, España, por courier con seguimiento. Si vives cerca puedes pasar a recogerlo por nuestro taller, pero contáctanos antes de realizar el pedido, porque los hacemos en el dia.
Nuestras telas son testeadas independientemente a tracción; la tela para acrobacia aérea resiste más de 950 kg de carga estática y la tela de columpio resiste 1100 kg de carga estática, teniendo ambos materiales un buen comportamiento elástico para absorber los impactos y para ser seguras. En Europa no existen homologaciones disponibles para material textil, como las existentes para el material de escalada o para el trabajo en alturas. Otros fabricantes utilizan los términos "telas certificadas" o "telas homologadas" que son, sin embargo, incorrectos. En el mejor de los casos, en Europa las telas pueden ser testeadas por un estudio independiente.
  • Wash the fabric for yoga swing and the aerial silks at low temperature; no more than 40 degrees Celsius, without a softener (the softener can change the fabrics elasticity) Dry it by spinning in the washing machine and then allow to dry naturally with the fabric as open as possible, it is quite fast if there is not much humidity, you can also use a dryer but that will shorten the life of the silk.
  • Don't put accessories in the washing machine like carabiners or other metal accessories; you can put the cords and sling.
  • Consider that the knots in fabrics and cords may become undone, if that the case we will be happy to help you.
  • Make sure all the knots and ropes are correctly placed before using the hammock again.
From Barcelona, Spain, by courier with tracking. If you live nearby you can pick it up at our workshop, but contact us before to place the order because we do them on the day.