Frequently Asked Questions that can help you with your purchase. If you still have doubts, contact us and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

Make sure the fabric is not exposed to the sun/rain for long periods of time so that it does not lose its color and properties.


We do our best to serve our customers the best that we can. We will refund the money if you return the items for any reason, but the return will only be the cost of the product, not the shipping, except for factory faults or our errors.

Once you receive the package, open it carefully and check the condition of the material, as returns are not allowed once the item has been used even though there are defects that appear to be from the factory; Therefore, we recommend that the client review the material immediately after receiving it and before use.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to open the package with caution since it is possible to damage the fabric when opening it with a cutter or scissors, such cuts will not be considered factory defects and the money for the material or shipping will not be refunded. Therefore, the return of the material must include the packaging (bag or backpack) and the original shipping bag. Without these, we do not guarantee the refund, exchange, or substitution of the product in case of fabrics with cuts or similar failures due to incorrect opening.

If you change your mind, and do not want the product once the order has been placed and it has already been shipped, please contact us to arrange a collection or send the package by your own means, but we recommend not rejecting the package at the time of delivery if the box is not damaged. If at the time of delivery at home the recipient rejects the package, the money back is not guaranteed. And even in case of returning to origin, the return will be only partial since the courier company charges both the outbound and the return shipping.

If the box is damaged by the shipping company DON’T ACCEPT IT and communicate with us and the shipping company. We don’t guarantee the return or substitution if the material is damaged by the courier and you accept the package. If the product is damaged by the client while opening the box or bag we can not substitute it or refund the money.

You have 30 natural days from the order date to return the product and the items returned must be in their original and unused conditions. This means that can not smell different (smell of dirt, perfumes) or present hairs or others signals of having been used or washed. If the product was returned and does not respect the conditions, the refund of the money is not guaranteed, nor are shipping costs.

If the return is arranged by the customer, and the items are damaged or lost, the buyer will be responsible for such damage or loss and we will not be able to refund them. For lost packages, the Buyer must file a claim with the shipping company to recover the cost of the damage or loss of the package. We recommend sending returns with tracking.

The tones of the fabrics are the most accurate possible, however each tone can be seen slightly different depending on the device in which it is viewed and the level of brightness it has.

We recommend watching the videos where you can see the colors in more detail and if you have doubts about the tone you can consult us or watch them on a different device. We do not cover shipping costs in case of changes or returns due to tonal differences, although we are responsible for shipments if we have sent a different color than the order you made.

We tested the fabric for traction and plastic performance, but once is used it can not be returned.

An incorrect ringing can damage the fabric but also some drops and moves can bur the fabric creating holes, be aware of those movements, Aerial Living will not change material or refund material that was damage by using it.  Even if the material is high quality, a burn will always damage the fabric.

Fabrics should be checked periodically for weakening and holes. At the time of inspection, check especially at the junction with the eight or beam where they are installed, as this is where the fabrics can suffer the most. By installing the fabrics and accessories correctly, the chances of damaging the fabric are minimized, since the pressure on the fabric is distributed over a larger surface area. By placing the fabric correctly on the large horned figure eight, the pressure is better distributed and the risk of friction is reduced. Compared to the simple eight, there is a larger contact surface and less risk of damaging the material. For this reason, the fabric should never be hung directly to a hook or carabiner. For classes and regular use with drops performances we recommend using the eight with horns correctly positioned or our Pro Kit, as it distributes the tensions better. Even so, the material should be checked periodically for possible tears. We do not change the material for damage once it has been used, as there can be many factors that can damage a fabric, even if it is used correctly. For example, certain drops can increase the risk of damage to the fabric, regardless of its resistance (which is tested regularly), but by friction that raises the temperature of the fabric. Also the way the accessories are installed can affect the integrity of the fabrics. However, no installation method guarantees 100 x 100 its integrity, so the material must be checked periodically and changed if there is any damage, just like any other material used for work at height or climbing.

Aerial Living is not responsible for human (of the buyer or another person) or material damage,  even if the accident occurs using correctly the material.

Shipment to PO boxes is not accepted. For the shipping to post offices or collection points you have to contact us before making the order, because this is not always possible.
Deliveries to EU should arrive within 4-6 working days of being ordered. Please allow additional time for your orders to arrive over the bank holidays and weekends. We suggest allowing an additional 2-3 days for your packages to arrive. Deliveries to countries EU should arrive within 6-10 working days of being ordered. Please allow additional time for your orders to arrive over the bank holidays and weekends. We suggest allowing an additional 2-3 days for your packages to arrive. If the package doesn't arrive in 6 working days (10 days for the countries outside of EU), probably is on its way but may have been held up by an incomplete address or unusual circumstances. Please follow the tracking before contacting us. When we ship the parcel you should get an email with the tracking references. If you don't get it please check your email spam folder. And if finally you can 't find it, contact us. If the tracking says that the parcel was already delivered, but you haven't received it, please check with your neighbours to see if a parcel has been left with them, check any outhouses you might have where the parcel may be left and contact your local sorting office to see if the item has been returned to the depot as undelivered and awaiting collection.  And if finally you still can't find it, email us clearly declaring that you have not received the item. We will use this email as evidence in our claim for a lost item and you may be contacted by the courier in regard to this. When we receive your emailed declaration will either send you a replacement or give you a refund. Please send us an email at aerialliving (at) gmail.com, stating your order reference number and confirming that you have never received the item as we will pursue the issue with the courier for compensation and your letter will be used as evidence. NOTE: We cannot refund or replace items that the courier has lost until after 15 working days have passed.  

Countries outside the European Common Market Deliveries:

For these countries we need an identity document number, tax identification or passport, because we must send the package with the proforma invoice (mandatory).

We are not responsible for taxes or extra costs that might be charged by customs of non EU countries.  We won’t be able to refund the shipping cost if the package is returned, due to lack of documentation or if duties have not been paid. If the package comes back to us, we have to pay the return shipping and the duties too. Those costs will be deduced from the amount you have paid for your order.

  • Our fabrics are independently tensile tested; the aerial silks resists more than 1000 kg  of static load and the swing fabric resists more than 1300 kg of static load, both materials having good elastic behaviour to absorb impacts and to be safe.
In Europe there are no approvals available for textile material, such as those for climbing equipment or for working at heights. Other manufacturers use the terms "certified fabrics" or "approved fabrics" which are, however, incorrect. In the best case scenario, in Europe fabrics can be tested by an independent studio.
From Barcelona, Spain, by courier with tracking. If you live nearby you can pick it up at our workshop, but contact us before to place the order because we do them on the day.
  • Wash the fabric for yoga swing and the aerial silks at low temperature; no more than 40 degrees Celsius, without a softener (the softener can change the fabrics elasticity) Dry it by spinning in the washing machine and then allow to dry naturally with the fabric as open as possible, it is quite fast if there is not much humidity, you can also use a dryer but that will shorten the life of the silk.
  • Don't put accessories in the washing machine like carabiners or other metal accessories; you can put the cords and sling.
  • Consider that the knots in fabrics and cords may become undone, if that the case we will be happy to help you.
  • Make sure all the knots and ropes are correctly placed before using the hammock again.