Progressive bungee for yoga, mobility & calisthenics

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The kit Include:

1 multiple bungee with 4 Cords that lift 32 kg in total. (the resistances is much higher and adecúate for a 110 kg user)

1 height regulator attached to the bungee ( to hang it from beans or adjust the height in a standard ceiling

1 carabiner (to hang it and use it for adjusting the height)

If you choose with the small hammock;

1 small hammock made of minimum 1,25 m of classic aerial silk made with 2 polyamide slings and 2 carabiners already made.

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This product consist in a bungee kit with multiple attachments that allows different amount of pulls up to 32 kg of weight hold, Is designed to help you in asana postures and strength training working closer to the floor mainly, the product come with an small hammock that is shorter than the normal ones so the whole kit can be used in estándar ceilings. Also comes with a height regulator made of climbing cord that allowS for further adjustment in the set up of it.  If you have other hammock  you can use it with it ( you may have to shortened if the ceiling is low)

This bungee kit is one of the more versátil useful and innovative products we have, it allows to perform with great control almost all the body weight exercise of strength and at the same time not only assist to progress in the more complex asanas postures, deep stretches and balance exercise but also feels greats for yoga flows and dance, the resistances of the bounge can be adjust in intensity with great precision so it help just the right amount for your training or yoga sesión.

We study this product so mostly you don’t have to move it or adjusted during the practice. Is important to choose the right bungee for your ceiling,  and consider that if the bungee is larger it feel better and the hammock will hold you for  more distance. but in all ceilings still feelings good


what are the differences between working with this bounge and bands, First bands after some time brake when fully pulled, being quite dangerous, second this kit is specifically made for the height of the ceiling, and have a specific resistances we we have found the right amount to help the most, not to much not too little, and one can graduate the whole kit with great precision


How is to use a hammock instead of a harness:

before doing the version of the small hammock we have try for years the use of the harnees and is no doubt is also grate specially for acrobatics, but all the models we found are quite painful.

the small hammock allow to hold the weight in different places not only from the hips, and thats allows to pull the upper chest,  to pull just from the legs, etc.  also is easy to enter and come out witch is great for flows and full sessions of yoga and strenght. but this kit also can be use with harness if you have one


at the moment we have 3 bunge products for different propurse:

The main differences compare with the  bungee for children and babies  is the length of the hammock that is larger in the one design for children  so it can be open and they can seat inside and the bungee shorter. But still the Progressive bungee for yoga and calisthenics is great fun for the children since is also ajustable in weight and if hanged from a higher ceiling it can be used with a larger hammock.  This model with larger bungee allows to a greater help and larger range of motion with a partial weight lift.



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