Polyamide sling for yoga hammocks

Polyamide sling for yoga hammocks

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Product Description

The Polyamide sling for yoga hammocks is used to link de carabiner to a beam without needing a screw. The polyamide ring can be used to wrap beams up to 13 cm in diameter-But always place a towel between the beam and the polyamide ring . there should be no friction at all.

Also this polyamide ring can be used to link the fabric of the yoga hammock to the carabiners, it works by pressure it squeeze the fabric once the practitioner is on the hammock. It also allows the user to adjust the length of the hammock by simply pulling from one side or the other of the hammock. It can be used with a daisy chain too.


Length: 30 cm, 60 cm, 80cm, 120 cm

Material: Poliamida

Color: 30 cm is black with red lines, 60 cm is black with green lines, 80 cm is black with blue lines and 120 cm is black with white lines

Resistance: 22 Kn (2.200 kilogramos aproximadamente)

Certificate: Ce 0194 y En 566

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