Safety Comparison: European yoga swings vs Bali & China yoga swings

Safety Comparison: European yoga swings vs Bali & China yoga swings

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The Risk of Untested Yoga Swings

Many European and American brands sell yoga swings from Asia that appear identical, differing only in color. However, these Asian-made swings often lack proper safety testing.
This article highlights the importance of using swings with tested components for your safety.

The Bali Swing Example

We use the Bali swing as an example. You can easily compare it to our Aerial Living swing, made in Spain with tested European components.

These swings, with handles made in Bali, Indonesia, vary significantly in price across sellers. Regardless of cost, they represent an unassessed safety risk.

Why Are Untested Swings Unsafe?

During yoga, your entire body weight rests on the fabric, carabiners, ropes, hooks, and ultimately, the ceiling. If any of these components fail, especially while inverted, you risk serious injury.

Safety Through Tested Components

All swing components should be tested for “human support.” This ensures they can safely hold your body weight during movement and maintain a safety margin to prevent breakage over time.

We purchased and tested Bali and Chinese-made swings. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sell them due to the unacceptable user and company liability risks.

Our Solution: Tested European Components

We manufacture our swings with 100% tested EU components, approved for climbing and human support. We achieve this high-quality standard while maintaining a competitive price using top-tier European materials.

Choosing a Safe Swing

European manufacturers generally prioritize safety testing. However, exercise caution when buying a swing. Avoid Asian-made options, especially for yoga studios with multiple users.

Upgrading an Existing Swing

If you already own an Asian-made swing, consider replacing the carabiners and ropes with “climbing-tested” versions from a climbing shop. While this may cost around €50, it’s an investment in your safety.

Prioritize safety for your Yoga practice: don’t compromise your well-being.
Choose a swing with tested components for a safe and enjoyable yoga experience.



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