Aerial yoga swings sold out in August 2015!

We are happy and sorry to say that during these holidays we have sold almost all of our models of yoga swings, ropes and carabiners. For the new orders the delivery it will be in September, please write or call us if you are interested in our products or have any inquire. Even so, we still have aerial silks for acrobatics and accessories :) Contact: 0034 640540559 mail noemarcial(at)    

Aerial Yoga swings made in Europe vs Made in China – safety comparison

How safe are the yoga swings made in Asia?
You can find low-priced yoga swings made in Bali and China, but let's analyze ust one component.

Here is the model of Bali, which is an open hook that is *NOT certified* for human support.
What does that mean?
That the hook can withstand 200 kg static load but a moving person can weigh much more than that, and therefore, it can break in the middle of an activity. Problem is that not only the Bali's model is the one with this flaw; the Chinese version comes with another carabiner that - again - is not suitable for supporting human weight. You can see the differences in the image: the diameter of our steel carabiner are twice as wide as the Asian versions.
Our carabiners withstand over 2,134 kg of static weight, and last but not least, our ropes withstand 890 kg (and we use 4 for each person !!!)

Be safe!
carabiner comparison made in europe vs china
carabiner safe comparison

Tutorial de Yoga aéreo – Ejercicio para tonificar brazos y pecho en el columpio

  Aquí les comparto un tutorial en el que se puede ver una de las formas mas agradables de practicar lagartijas. en esta disposición uno puede graduar la cantidad de peso que habrá en los brazos, simplemente recogiendo mas o menos las piernas. Si las piernas están extendidas existe una fuerza de contra peso que atenua el esfuerzo si limitar la movilidad si se las recoge se transforma en un ejercicio pectoral muy intenso. Nota: observar que la zona lumbar este recta y sin curvatura. es decir cuando sube el torso, este debe subir recto para ello debemos contraer los abdominales firmemente. Este movimiento para ganar firmeza, existe otra variante estática donde si que se flexiona la espalda hasta alcanzar a la figura de la cobra en el aire, pero para ello los movimientos deben ser mas lentos y conscientes.