Wholesale – bigger quantities offers aerial yoga hammocks


Wholesale – bigger quantities offers aerial yoga hammocks

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Wholesale – bigger quantities offers aerial yoga hammocks

Pack of 6,8, 10, 12 or 14 aerial yoga hammocks for antigravity, aerial yoga and aerial pilates.

Contact us for any doubt before purchasing. Apart from the discount in the price of the hammocks by purchasing this pack there is also a discount for shipping, because you only pay for sending a small package (max 2.50kg), but actually sending such a large package costs us at least twice as much .

Offers for yoga studios and gymnasiums


This fabric was designed by us to make yoga hammocks so is perfect for that, but also the technical qualities makes it great and secure.

In lengthwise is almost a Non-stretch fabric  (it stretches but very little),  but it does stretch sideways, this characteristic makes it very comfortable and stable for practicing yoga poses. If you sit on the swing this will not stretch toward the ground. And if you make Savasana (or just taking a nap on it), you’ll be pretty straight horizontally and it will be very comfortable (thanks to the elasticity sideways). Our polyamide silk is produced by us in Spain, especially for yoga hammocks and is NO TOXIC.

The fabric is very resistant, 1200kg, very elegant and soft to the touch.

The width is 2.50m.

All the accessorise, ropes and climbing carabiners are certificated CE

If you choose the pack with different colors please write a note when you place the order indicating the colors you would like to have.

this hammock includes:
a hammock made with 5m of fabric (this is not the length of the hammock, but the length of  the fabric we use to make this kind of hammock)
2 high regulators of 1m made with climbing rope
4 climbing carabiners
It does not include the ceiling hooks if you need you can purchase them here:

Ceiling hook for yoga swings

Additional information


Red, White, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Black, Blue, Grey, Various colours, Purple, Blue petroleum, Aqua, Gold

Width of the silk

2.50 metres

Silk Elasticity

almost no stretch

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