Aerial Yoga Swing Anti gravity with adjustable stirrups


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Our New creation it is an Anti Gravity yoga swing (2.5 metres wide!) but with adjustable stirrups like the aerial yoga hammocks. The idea is to combine the best of both worlds , you can use the yoga hammock for all the antigravity or Unnata yoga postures, and and if you want you can add the handles and work with them to do pilates and even fitness exercises.

Made in Europe, with carabiners and climbing ropes certified by the highest UE standards. The fabric is made by us in Europe, and designed for this use.

This model includes:

  • 1 swing built from our special 2.50m wide fabric stretchable only in width
  • 2 x 1m height adjusters made with certificated climbing ropes, that allow the hammock to be adjusted even at ground level or to work with the swing at hip level.
  • 6 carabiners that allow you to adjust the height of both the swing and the handles
  • 2, 4 or 6 handles with rigid tube for better grip 

The fabric, carabiners and ropes are made in Europe and are certified.  Our fabrics resist more than 1400 kilograms of static load thus allowing a safe practice.

Ceiling hooks are not included, if you need you can purchase them here:

Ceiling hook for yoga swings

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White, Blue, Black, Red, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Grey, Petroleum blue, Aqua

What things are included in the version with height adjustment?

Includes: the Swing made with 3.5 metres of our especial silk for aerial yoga hammocks, 4 climbing carabiners (according to European standards), 2 s height regulators made with climbing ropes, 1 metre long

What things are included in the version without height regulator?

Includes The Swing made with 3.5 metres of our especial silk for aerial yoga hammocks and 2 climbing carabiners (according to European standards).

Width of the Swing

2.5 metres in width. (wider than most of the fabrics in the market)

Silk Elasticity

Our silk is produced by us especially for yoga swings. Does not stretch lengthways but it does stretch sideways, this characteristic makes it very comfortable and stable for practicing yoga poses. If you sit on the swing this will not move toward the ground. And if you make Shavasana, you'll be pretty straight and very comfortable (thanks to the elasticity sideways).

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