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The best hotels have now aerial yoga hammocks from us :)

  Othe happy client of us, the five stars Hotel Pacha Ibiza is now offering aerial yoga classes for they guest, we are very happy to offer the highest quality yoga hammocks, with the safest hardware that you can find on the market, the best fabrics, and a very simple but elegant design. The yoga hammocks represent an excellent low inversion to give to your clients a different offer,  you can give aerial yoga as aerial pilates or arerial fitness. The swings are very easy to install, you can put it in multi functional spaces and take it of when you need. You can buy the aerial yoga hammock of a 5 star hotel for just 89 euros here   
aerial swing  hotels

yoga hammock in Pacha Ibiza

pacha ibiza

the best hammock in the best hotels :)

well actually we don't like to sell things but in this case we are so proud of our product...  

Aerial Yoga swings made in Europe vs Made in China – safety comparison

How safe are the yoga swings made in Asia?
You can find low-priced yoga swings made in Bali and China, but let's analyze ust one component.

Here is the model of Bali, which is an open hook that is *NOT certified* for human support.
What does that mean?
That the hook can withstand 200 kg static load but a moving person can weigh much more than that, and therefore, it can break in the middle of an activity. Problem is that not only the Bali's model is the one with this flaw; the Chinese version comes with another carabiner that - again - is not suitable for supporting human weight. You can see the differences in the image: the diameter of our steel carabiner are twice as wide as the Asian versions.
Our carabiners withstand over 2,134 kg of static weight, and last but not least, our ropes withstand 890 kg (and we use 4 for each person !!!)

Be safe!
carabiner comparison made in europe vs china

carabiner safe comparison


Make a yoga hammock from your yoga swing !

You can use your single yoga swing like Hammock between two trees. Just use your height regulator to clap around the trees or palms and its done. Our yoga swing its made from non elastic in length so it will be really comfortable , excellent to take with you when you are  going to nature :)


Find our simple yoga swing with height Regulator from 89 euros here

Safety Comparison: European yoga swings vs Bali & China yoga swings

Most of the European and American Brands are selling yoga swings from Asia that are exactly the same but in different colors. those Asian yoga swings are unsafe. Here an example where you can see by your self  and compare the differences between the Bali yoga swing and our Aerial Living yoga swing Made in Spain with European components CE-certified. _safety comparison These product are yoga swings with handles made in Bali, Indonesia. Some companies sell the same product for quite a low price and others charge more than € 150 for it, but remember that anyway it is the same unsafe product. But lets see if the Bali yoga swings are actually unsafe... when you are doing yoga the whole of your body is supported by the fabric, carabiners, rope, hooks, and finally the ceiling; if any of those parts broke you may fall being upside down, with a big risk of a serious injury. Therefore all the components should be certified for "human support", that means it must support the whole of your body in movement and still have a safe margin to ensure that it will not broke over time. We have bought Bali yoga swings as well as some made in China, then tested and verified them and finally we've found that we could not sell them because of the risk implied for the users as well for us as a company. Finally we decide to produce our own yoga swings with 100% CE-Certified components,approved for climbing / human support, and we find that even using the best quality materials made in Europe we still have a very good price!!! We must say that the other manufacturers of Europe are as responsible as we are; just be very careful if you want to buy a swing, don't choose the Asian ones, specially if you want them for a yoga studio where other people are going to use it. If you have already bought a yoga swing made in Asia, I will recommend you to change the carabiners and ropes for a "certified for climbing" that you can find in any climbing shop. It may cost € 50... but it is about to be safe.    

Opening the hips – aerial yoga tutorial

This is a very good sequence to open and relax hips and stretches legs. It is an excellent sequence to do in the morning with the aerial yoga swing with stirrups. Always breath in when you open the chest and breath out when your close or twist the body, if you can connect the breath with your movements you will discover how much easier is to move and breath as one thing. If you can not follow the movement with longs breath , don't worry , you can observe your breath and see how is going. don't try to change it , just watch it. Remember to never force your body or breath.. never. This is a soft warm up, right for comfortable postures. but not for very exigent exercises. in this video was use the Aerial Living swing with handles

Aerial silks tutorial – straddle climb – beginners

a good way to climb the silk, looks good and is easy to do it... give a try! Overall Difficulty: beginners 3 Required strength: 4 flexibility required: 1 complexity: 3 Danger: 2 remember that: 1 to 3  is for beginners, 4 to 6  intermediate , 7 to 10 advance

A hard climb – Hand over Hand Climb – advance

Easy if you have strength, very difficult if you have not. Overall Difficulty: advance  7 Required strength: 9 flexibility required: 2 complexity: 1 Danger: 1 remember that: 1 to 3  is for beginners, 4 to 6  intermediate , 7 to 10 advance