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Aerial yoga swings sold out in August 2015!

We are happy and sorry to say that during these holidays we have sold almost all of our models of yoga swings, ropes and carabiners. For the new orders the delivery it will be in September, please write or call us if you are interested in our products or have any inquire. Even so, we still have aerial silks for acrobatics and accessories :) Contact: 0034 640540559 mail noemarcial(at)    
aerial silks fire workers

Nuevo entrenamiento para los bomberos voluntarios de Valencia

Los bomberos voluntarios de Valencia han encontrado una nueva forma de entrenar. Además de las cuerdas ahora cuentan con  nuestras telas acrobáticas para ganar fuerza, resistencia, coordinación y agilidad. Mientras - ¿por qué no? - la pasan bien. una alegria ver esta foto muchas gracias por compartir! si quieres ver y comprar nuestras telas , siempre nos puedes escribir para consultarnos lo que necesites.
aerial silk fire workers
telas acrobáticas en el cuartel de bomberos de valencia

The best hotels have now aerial yoga hammocks from us :)

  Othe happy client of us, the five stars Hotel Pacha Ibiza is now offering aerial yoga classes for they guest, we are very happy to offer the highest quality yoga hammocks, with the safest hardware that you can find on the market, the best fabrics, and a very simple but elegant design. The yoga hammocks represent an excellent low inversion to give to your clients a different offer,  you can give aerial yoga as aerial pilates or arerial fitness. The swings are very easy to install, you can put it in multi functional spaces and take it of when you need. You can buy the aerial yoga hammock of a 5 star hotel for just 89 euros here   
aerial swing  hotels
yoga hammock in Pacha Ibiza
pacha ibiza
the best hammock in the best hotels :)
well actually we don't like to sell things but in this case we are so proud of our product...  

Aerial Yoga swings made in Europe vs made in China – Safety comparison

Safety Concerns with Asian-Made Yoga Swings

While budget-friendly yoga swings from Bali and China may be tempting, their safety is a significant concern. Let's focus on a critical component: the hook.

The Flaw of Uncertified Hooks

The Bali model utilizes an open hook that lacks certification for human weight support. This means it may hold 200kg of static weight, but a moving person can exert much greater force, potentially causing a mid-exercise break.

The Problem Goes Beyond Bali

Unfortunately, the issue isn't limited to the Bali model. The Chinese version often comes with a similarly unsuitable carabiner. As you can see in the image, our steel carabiner boasts a significantly wider diameter compared to these Asian counterparts.

Prioritizing Strength and Safety

Our carabiners are built to withstand a staggering 2,134kg of static weight. Additionally, we use high-strength ropes capable of holding 890kg each (and we use four per swing for maximum security!).

Invest in Your Safety

Don't risk injury by compromising on safety. Choose a yoga swing with components rigorously tested and certified for human weight support.

carabiner comparison made in europe vs china
carabiner safe comparison

Safety Comparison: European yoga swings vs Bali & China yoga swings

_safety comparison

The Risk of Untested Yoga Swings

Many European and American brands sell yoga swings from Asia that appear identical, differing only in color. However, these Asian-made swings often lack proper safety testing. This article highlights the importance of using swings with tested components for your safety.

The Bali Swing Example

We use the Bali swing as an example. You can easily compare it to our Aerial Living swing, made in Spain with tested European components.

These swings, with handles made in Bali, Indonesia, vary significantly in price across sellers. Regardless of cost, they represent an unassessed safety risk.

Why Are Untested Swings Unsafe?

During yoga, your entire body weight rests on the fabric, carabiners, ropes, hooks, and ultimately, the ceiling. If any of these components fail, especially while inverted, you risk serious injury.

Safety Through Tested Components

All swing components should be tested for "human support." This ensures they can safely hold your body weight during movement and maintain a safety margin to prevent breakage over time.

We purchased and tested Bali and Chinese-made swings. Unfortunately, we couldn't sell them due to the unacceptable user and company liability risks.

Our Solution: Tested European Components

We manufacture our swings with 100% tested EU components, approved for climbing and human support. We achieve this high-quality standard while maintaining a competitive price using top-tier European materials.

Choosing a Safe Swing

European manufacturers generally prioritize safety testing. However, exercise caution when buying a swing. Avoid Asian-made options, especially for yoga studios with multiple users.

Upgrading an Existing Swing

If you already own an Asian-made swing, consider replacing the carabiners and ropes with "climbing-tested" versions from a climbing shop. While this may cost around €50, it's an investment in your safety.

Prioritize safety for your Yoga practice: don't compromise your well-being. Choose a swing with tested components for a safe and enjoyable yoga experience.


Opening the hips – aerial yoga tutorial

This is a very good sequence to open and relax hips and stretches legs. It is an excellent sequence to do in the morning with the aerial yoga swing with stirrups. Always breath in when you open the chest and breath out when your close or twist the body, if you can connect the breath with your movements you will discover how much easier is to move and breath as one thing. If you can not follow the movement with longs breath , don't worry , you can observe your breath and see how is going. don't try to change it , just watch it. Remember to never force your body or breath.. never. This is a soft warm up, right for comfortable postures. but not for very exigent exercises. in this video was use the Aerial Living swing with handles

Aerial silks tutorial – straddle climb – beginners

a good way to climb the silk, looks good and is easy to do it... give a try! Overall Difficulty: beginners 3 Required strength: 4 flexibility required: 1 complexity: 3 Danger: 2 remember that: 1 to 3  is for beginners, 4 to 6  intermediate , 7 to 10 advance